10 Things I Wish I knew Before Starting University

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So it’s time for University to start again, I am going into my last year and I remember the daunting/exciting feeling of it all. If you’re a first year you might be finding it anxious to move to a new place, and meet new people not knowing what they could be like.. But believe me, it’s the best experience you will ever have! I have decided to write a list of all the things that I wish I would’ve known before starting University.

MOVING IN. On my first year I moved in 7 days before I was due to start (that was even a week before freshers!!!) i’d suggest moving in 3-4 days earlier, this helps you get settled and meet all your flat mates and then you’re all ready to kick freshers week.

BOND WITH FLATMATES. It can be scary to move somewhere new with new people, but they’re feeling the exact same!! It’s not going to help you sitting in your room, listening to hear whether people are in the kitchen, so you can make your get a way for a snack (we’ve all been there). Just go out and have a general chat about what they’re studying, where they’re from etc. they might actually be really nice and you could have a lot in common.

SOCIALISE. The best way to make friends is finding them during freshers week, even if you don’t know anyone just yet buy your tickets there’s always someone to go with etc. your flat mates or the flat next door just put yourself out there you’ll only end up regretting it. If you’re all nightclub lovers go out 2/3 nights in the week.. partying never ends for freshers.

IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO TO PARTIES. If you aren’t feeling up to going out and you just want to sit at home with a movie, thats okay. No one can make you feel bad for just wanting to have a night in, there’s nothing worse than being dragged out knowing you’re not going to enjoy yourself.

DON’T SPEND ALL YOUR LOAN ON OTHER PEOPLE. I am so guilty of this one, I always thought I was so rich when my loan came in and bought so many rounds of drinks and dominos for everyone.. until it ran out and I was skint for the next two months. Think wisely on what to spend it on, and keep in that limit.

YOU’LL MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. This is pretty certain. It will either be someone on your course, flat mate or they might even live at another flat that you met on a night out. You may still be close with your mates from home, but It’s always nice to have that bond with someone new who is going through the same experience as you.

NEW FRIENDS COME AND GO. In your first year you’re always going to be faced with meeting new people. Unfortunately for some, these won’t last the whole year. For some it might work and be long life friends, but others you will just never speak or see them again, if this happens just let it ride out and don’t let it affect you if something doesn’t work out.

JOIN A SOCIETY. Walking around the freshers fayre, there are so many new activities to try that you just haven’t had the time/money for before. Even if you aren’t feeling 100% about something straight away, you don’t have to pay up front go to a few taster sessions of anything you fancy, you never know you might just find something you love.

YOU WILL GET HOMESICK. No matter how many times you might’ve been away from your family, you will find yourself pining to go home. It’s normal to feel homesick when you’re somewhere new, instead of going home as soon as you’re getting too overwhelmed just a FaceTime or phone call with them will do you a world of good.

YOU WILL GET PISSED. I’ve heard so many people say they don’t drink, then as soon as they get to university and away from their parents they go crazy and get pissed every night. This is all part of the experience, and it’s always fun to look back and share some embarrassing stories.. even if most of them you can’t remember.